A collection of products that you can buy right now and which will likely last you a lifetime. /r/BuyItForLife is a community on Reddit with over 1 million subscribers whose original purpose was to recommend products that are durable. The popularity of this community made it drift away from that purpose and created many frustrations.

Uprooted is the internet’s first-ever immigrant film publication. Immigrant cinema is a heavily under-curated genre, despite immigration being one of the most hotly debated topics in the world. We believe those two things are correlated: watching immigrant movies will offer insight into the immigrant experience and answer many questions. And that’s not just tough or

A collection of words that can’t easily and directly be translated to other languages. Multilingual people know that there are concepts, feelings, and phenomena that can only be referred to in a single language. A community on Reddit called /r/DoesNotTranslate was created for this purpose. This community was abandoned, unmoderated, and dying down. Altona sought

A film curation site trusted by 6 million readers every month. The rise of “on-demand” services like Netflix brought with it a simple problem: not knowing what to “demand”. It doesn’t help that the tools that are supposed to solve this problem, like algorithms, are used as commercial instruments. Streaming algorithms mostly recommend movies that

An aggregation of ratings from around the internet to offer one verdict: binge-worthy, or trash. Movies and TV shows are famous for having inconsistent ratings: a film with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes can have 5 on IMDb, and vice versa. A TV show loved by viewers will be seen as predictable or nonworthy by critics.