How to monetize a website: 40 proven ways

You have done it: you got traffic. The gold of the internet.

Thought that was hard? Here is the harder part: how to monetize it. There are so many websites that have tons of following but haven’t succeeded at monetizing yet.

So here are all the monetization methods I could think of that could help inspire you into unclogging the flows of that sweet sweet $.

1. AdSense

AdSense is one of the most popular ways to monetize a website. It’s simple: you sign up, put some ads on your pages and wait for the money to roll in. How much you make depends on how many people click the ad. More traffic = more clicks = more $$$$

2. PayPal donations

This one is fairly simple. Just put a link on your website to donate money/reasonably priced products/services. If you are selling something then just use the standard PayPal checkout form. To get around regulations just call what you are selling “donations.”

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you sign up with a company to sell their products or services. You get a percentage of each sale you make. Usually the more products you sell, the higher your commission is.

4. Crowdfunding/Selling shares

If it takes off this could be huge! For now though only about 1-2% of all crowdfunding sites are successful at reaching their goals.

5. Membership Sites

Go beyond ads. Instead, give people something they can’t get anywhere else by creating a paid membership site where your users pay you a monthly fee for exclusive access to content.

6. E-commerce

Sell your own products or resell someone else’s products on your website.

7. Sell advertising space to others

Similar to AdSense, this is when you let other people advertise their products/services on your website in return for some cash. Except here you will be doing it directly.

8. Sell tickets to events

If you have a large enough following you may be able to sell tickets to events that you host. For example, if you have a website about soccer then you could potentially sell tickets to a public viewing party or something of that sort.

9. Sell t-shirts/merchandise

This is pretty straightforward. Put some cool graphics on a t-shirt and sell them for $20.

10. Sell your own products/services

Use the site to sell your own products or services. This can be more difficult than just using third party retailers like Amazon, but it also comes with more control over your business.

11. Host ads on others’ websites

Similar to selling ad space, except instead of placing the ads yourself you build a network of sites and you act as the intermidiary.

12. Host giveaways/contests

Use your site to host giveaways that are relevant to your niche. Create contests with prizes that are related to the niche.

13. Host webinars

Host webinars to sell your advice/knowledge in return for some cold hard cash. You can also use Google Hangouts to do these.

14. Network with other bloggers to exchange posts

Find other websites that are relevant your niche and offer to exchange posts with them (and maybe even ads).

16. Partnerships

Partner with other businesses in your niche to co-promote them, increase traffic to each others’ sites, and make money via affiliate links.

17. Sell domains

Sell the rights to use a domain name that you own. This might be a last resort kind of thing but you can make a lot of money this way if done properly. One place to do this is a website called Flippa.

18. Sell your assets

Another last resort method but you can sell your social media accounts to the highest bidder. You can also sell your email list or design skills.

19. Sell advertising space on physical products

Use a website where people can buy custom made products and sell ad space on it. You can even do this to other people’s products if they let you advertise for them.

20. Sell advertising on printed materials

This is similar to the previous method, but instead of selling ad space on some website you sell it on a physical product or a printed copy of your website.

21. Sell eBooks

This is pretty self explanatory, but you can use sites like Amazon KDP to sell your eBooks. There are also many other options for selling eBooks online.

22. Sell video ads

Similar to selling text ads but for videos. Usually people will pay you based on the number of views you get.

23. Sell video interviews with businesses

You can sell video interviews with businesses to companies in your niche (or other niches).

24. Sell retargetting data

If you have a large following and the right audience you might be able to host what’s called a “Facebook Pixel” which will collect data and allow advertisers to target specific behaviors.

25. Use monetization widgets

Put advertising widgets on your website. You can even do this with social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

26. Sell photos

If you have a large following you can sell your photos to businesses in your niche.

27. Sell courses online

Sell courses on webinars, how-to guides, or any other course related material.

You can do this on platforms like Coursera or Udemy.

28. Create a Kickstarter-type crowdfunding campaign

Create a campaign that allows people to contribute money in return for rewards or some other add on.

29. Sell mentoring/consulting

Similar to selling courses, sell your expertise/advice in return for some cold hard cash.

30. Sell premium content

Sell premium content on your site that’s more in depth than what you normally provide at no cost.

31. Sell advertising space on social media

Another option is to sell ad space on your existing social media accounts.

32. Sell advertising space on blogs you contribute to

If you contribute to other blogs in your niche, or just have a large social media following, you can sell advertising space on them.

33. Sell advertising space on your YouTube videos

When you’re done making the videos sell the ad space (and get paid monthly).

34. Sell affiliate links for products that don’t have to do with what you blog about

Use a website like Clickbank or Amazon Associates to sell affiliate links and make money off of what people buy after clicking your link. Create new pages outside of what you usually post about.

35. Sell logos

Use a website like Fiverr to sell your logo designs.

36. Sell stock photos

Similar to selling video ads, allow companies to put images on their website in return for some cold hard cash.

37. Sell your services online

Sell your design/writing/programming skills online. If you have a lot of traffic, chances are you’re doing something right. Other people will be interested in paying for your services.

38. Sell your services offline

If you have a business that can provide offline services, sell those services. For example, if you’re an expert in making websites, offer the businesses in your neighborhood your services.

39. Sell your services on a platform like Fiverr

Similar to selling your services online but do it through a website like Fiverr.

40. Sell your services on Craigslist

Offer various services for people in your area through Craigslist.

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