A collection of products that you can buy right now and which will likely last you a lifetime.

/r/BuyItForLife is a community on Reddit with over 1 million subscribers whose original purpose was to recommend products that are durable. The popularity of this community made it drift away from that purpose and created many frustrations. Most posts became about products that are not available for sale, like items relayed by grandparents or rare finds in flea markets.

Altona sought to bring back the original spirit of the community: recommending products to buy.

The implications of this type of buying philosophy are profound. The first is ecological: instead of buying 10 headphones over the next 10 years, readers will just buy one. This means that 9 won’t get made, 9 that won’t get shiped, and 9 that won’t get thrown away.

The second is in the incentive it creates for companies: in the past, durability was a big factor in which products get sold and bought. Sadly, this has been replaced with an emphasis on new features and on trendiness. The more there is of communities and services that are focused on durability, the more companies can get back to making non-throwaway products.

The third is financial: the products on Buy It Now For Life are not all expensive, and cost as little as $10. There is a correlation between price and durability, but in many cases, readers will be buying a durable product that costs as much as a throwaway product for a similar price range. The financial gain for readers is tremendous.

The fourth is in promoting Right for Repair: durable products are products that can be easily repaired. Soles that can be replaced on shoes, appliances that can be fixed by replacing a small fuse — these are the kinds of things that exponentially increase the lifetime of a product. If readers recommend a product as being durable, it likely is possible and easy to repair.

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